Ena Contemporary participates in SWAB Art Fair 2016 with a solo show by Nikos Moschos called Inevitable Nature. Nikos Moschos’ landscapes form a collage of elements that create both familiar and unexpected perceptions at the same time.

By Euphrosyne Doxiadis

"Inevitable Nature" series is being presented at SWAB Barcelona on the 29th of September.

On the 29th of September, the exhibition of eight works of the painter Nikos Moschos opens in Barcelona. I feel great admiration for his paintings.

By  Giorgos Mitropoulos

Nikos Moschos will travel to the international exhibition of contemporary art, Swab Art Fair 2016, at the  end of the month for the second time in the last three years. The young painter already has a very good performance in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Istanbul, Beijing, Brussels, and participates at the Spanish organization, with Ena gallery. The fair takes place in Barcelona from September the 29th to October the 2nd. The artist presents eight paintings entitled «Inevitable Nature».

This series of compositions by Nikos Moschos are built around the disproportional portrayal of crushed human body parts, machines, trees and buildings. Sometimes recognizable and at other times undefined, these elements become members of a single body where cause and effect coexist, creating emotionally tensed situations. The unexpected angles, the distorted forms and the semi-stylized patterns are reminiscent of expressionism, comics as well as the deeply rooted Byzantine iconography.

By Alexandros Diakosavvas

‘’Life and death situations that I ‘ve faced have changed  certain aspects of my character, so now I feel that I’ve become more useful, which is essential in the era of great hatred...’’

When I saw the digital images of Nikos Moschos works, presented in SWAB the international contemporary Art Fair in Barcelona, ​​I felt a sense of drowning and anxiety. These almost grotesque paintings of the series "The marriage of Flesh and Machine" present parts of the human body mixed with mechanical constructions and as I was waiting for Nikos (who had just returned from Spain), I had formed in my mind quite an intense picture of him. Instead of that I found myself talking to a low profile boy wearing a pair of grey jeans and a navy T-shirt.

By Pari Spinou


The young painter, inquisitive and creative, takes part in the international SWAB art fair in Barcelona presenting his new material.


Many new artists constantly complain and grumble about the consequences of the economic crisis. Fortunately, Nikos Moschos winks cunningly at it. He is self-confident, he compensates for all the misfortune with the satisfaction brought by creativity,

By Giorgos Mitropoulos

He is one of the most promising young Greek artists, who is already known for his comprehensive visual language. Nikos Moschos is now travelling to Barcelona to participate with Alma Art Gallery ( from Trikala ) in SWAB, the International Art Fair  which takes place from 2-5 October.

By Eleni Karatza

The new works of Nikos Moschos reflect the progress of the series presented in his two previous shows in 2012 and 2013, which had the title: 'The Marriage of Flesh and Machine'.

These works portray compositions which are built extensively by the crushing of disproportionate human body parts, machines, trees or new buildings.
These elements are sometimes recognizable and sometimes undefined,

Published by Iliada Kothra


1. You are one of the most promising artists in GREECE. Do you think that ''crisis'' made art more valuable than before?

Κανονικά, θα έπρεπε. Νομίζω πως είναι ιδιαίτερα ενθαρρυντικό το γεγονός ότι όλη αυτή η κατάσταση έχει καταρρίψει τα αισθητικά κριτήρια μιας μερίδας κόσμου και πλέον δεν αντιμετωπίζουν το έργο απλά και μόνο σαν ένα διακοσμητικό στοιχείο.

Interview by: Nondas Douzinas


Nikos Moschos presents his works of art at Xippas Gallery in Kolonaki...


...in an exhibition which lasts up until 26 January 2013.


Thanks to this exhibition, www.culturenow.gr had the pleasure and the opportunity to chat with the artist, who “guided” us  into the deeper paths of his paintings and his style, as well as into his general approach towards his art, mainly painting. His responses were particularly interesting, which will surely be made apparent to the readers of this interview.