Ena Contemporary participates in SWAB Art Fair 2016 with a solo show by Nikos Moschos called Inevitable Nature. Nikos Moschos’ landscapes form a collage of elements that create both familiar and unexpected perceptions at the same time.

Although the technique rests on the principles and values ​​of traditional painting,  the perspective is contemporary. His view is influenced by electronic images provided by multiple cameras, microscopes or drones.

 The layout of elements in various parts are deliberately simplified forms referring to the aesthetics of comics as well as an early, almost childlike perception of nature.

In this series, the human figure does not hold the central role as in Moschos’ previous work, but is implied by his intervention on the environment. 

Changes and fermentations look like they are becoming natural onto the work. Through the mixing of heterogeneous elements, as e.g. rocks, machines and a cream layers, someone could see references to the cultural development and ongoing effort of survival and adaptation within the environment.

As man tends to consider himself center of the environment, he transforms it through his point of view. He is seemingly trying to go beyond his animal instincts, but in the end he fails to break free from his inferiority and superiority complexes towards nature. All the joys of progress extinguish and any kind of achievements seem like they serve his innate dominating nature.