VOLTA Basel 2024

10.6 - 16.6.2024

VIP Preview:
Monday June 10, 10am - 2pm. By invitation only.

General Admission:
Monday June 10, 2pm - 8pm.
Tuesday June 11 - Saturday June 15, 11am – 8pm.
Sunday June 16,11am – 5pm.

Klybeck 610
Gärtnerstrasse 2, Basel 4057

Zoumboulakis Galleries invites you to the new group exhibition titled, "Ink and
Stone", where the timeless dialogue between sculpture and drawing unfolds. The
exhibition brings together a number of visual references that examine the language
of drawing and sculpture as interconnected, or parallel.
The intimate relationship between drawing and sculpture bridges centuries of artistic
In "Ink and Stone" this is presented through the merge of contemporary artists with
historic works from the collection of Zoumboulakis Galleries. Works that complement
and contrast each other, addressing both the tactile and the visual dimension
contained in the common space between the fields of drawing and sculpture; thus
revealing intermediate, dialectical spaces, creating a context where the tactile and
the ethereal converge.
The drawings that occupy the walls of the gallery capture either fleeting moments of
inspiration, or meticulous studies that offer hidden glimpses into the artistic process,
revealing the genesis of the ideas that eventually take shape through the
transformation of inert matter into sculptural narratives. The sculptures on display
incorporate both classical structures and traditional elements, such as marble and
clay, and contemporary references, such as found objects, cement and graphite.
The artistic practices are intertwined in a dialogue that harnesses the semantic
variety of the dimensions of materials; exploring the connections and contrasts
between formalistic and conceptual approaches, they weave a narrative that probes
the immersion in surface and materiality, as opposed to the focus on line and form.

Nikos Alexiou, Vanessa Anastasopoulou, Giorgos Avgeros, Dionisis
Christofilogiannis, CHRYSSA, Thomas Diotis, Despina Flessa, Marina Genadieva,
Giorgos Gyparakis, Stef Kamaris, Marina Karella, Harris Kondosphyris, Anna
Lascari, Yiannis Moralis, Nikos Moschos, Melina Mosland Aliki Palaska, Malvina
Panagiotidi, Nikos Sarlis, Takis, Nikos Tranos, Augustus Veinoglou, Kostis Velonis.

Curated by Georgia Liapi

Opening: Friday, December 15, 2023
Duration: 15 December 2023 – January 20, 2024
Zoumboulakis Gallery
20 Kolonaki square

Zoumboulakis Gallery

The art exhibition "Eleonas '23 - Chthonius and Anthropocene" hosts the works of 48 artists and is accompanied by a rich public program, performances and other actions. It focuses on the Chthonian element and the Anthropocene era through their conflict but also their conversation, with the area of Eleonas being the field of study and the point of reference.
The exhibition with the works, speeches and actions of the project aims to highlight the critical and complex situations caused by the timeless conversation but also the conflict between Nature and Man, the dipoles that dominate the area as a result of the harsh human footprint, the relation of the past to the present and vice versa.


Dimitris Alitheinos, Dimitris Ameladiotis (performance), Augustos Veinoglou, Babis Venetopoulos, Dimitris Georgakopoulos, George Gyparakis, Collectif MASI (performance), Campus Novel, Stella Dimitrakopoulou (performance), Martha Dimitropoulou, 9th Painting Workshop (ASKT), George Zampoulakis (performance) Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Vasia Zorbalis (performance), Captain, Michael Karikis, Katerina Katsifaraki, Dimitris Kontodimos, Zisis Kotionis, Alex Louloudis (performance), Nikos Moschos, Pandora Mourikis, Mania Benisi, Daphni Nitsou, Maria Economopoulou, Maria Papadimitriou, Nikos Papadimitriou , Myrto Papadopoulou, Eleni Panouklia, Kostas Pappas, Vivi Perysinaki, Laia Roussopoulou, Vassilis Skylakos, Danai Stratou, Stefania Struza, Savvas Stroumpos with Elli Igliz (performance), Theodoros Terzopoulos (speech), Tassos Triantaphyllou, George Tsakiris, George Tserionis, Philip as Tsitsopoulos (performance), Dimitris Tsoumplekas, Ehsan Fardjadniya, Marios Fournaris, FMK magazine (performance), Pantelis Chandris, Vivetta Christoulis, Dionysis Christofilogiannis

Curator: Dimitris Trikas

 Scientific Advisors: Mania Benisi, photographer, MSc Arch. Mech. E.M.P., MSc Geol. Eng. Imperial College. Kalliopi Papaggeli, archaeologist, Honorary Head of the Department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities and Museums of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Western Attica.

Organization: "Roots of Culture" AMKE
Opening: September 29, 2023
Duration: 29 September - 3 December 2023
The exhibition is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 14:30 - 20:30
Exhibition areas:
Interiors of Eleonas Metro station,
Metro construction site - STA.SY Area, Marconi 1
Ancient bridge over the Kifissos river (part of the ancient Sacred Way),
Eleonas Metro Station
Souzy Tros, Marconi 8
Marconi neighborhood, on Marconi & Madaro streets
Construction site B - entrance from Marconi neighborhood


In the group exhibition ''Intersections'', a search is carried out through the works of eight painters and the spiritual intersections they create within the gallery space.
As we take a look in the works of the participants, we can distinguish intersections of influences or even ideas. It also forms a very interesting set through which one can analyze the mental tension of the artists, beyond the visual pleasure.

Participating artists: Christos Athanasiadis, Alexia Karavela, Irini Karagiannopoulou, Kiki Kolympari, Leon Michael, Miltos Michaelides, Nikos Moschos, Nikos Papadopoulos

Curator: Angeliki Antonopoulou

Opening: Thursday 28/09, 7-10 pm.
Duration: 28/9 - 11/11/2023
Aristophanous 20



“Encore: New Greek Painting” features 33 painters. The term “new” refers to their painting language and the inherent qualities of their work rather than their age. 

This exhibition adopts an interrogatory nature. Unlike regular exhibitions organised around a specific medium, our intention is not to imply any cultural superiority or aesthetic autonomy of painting. On the contrary, we aim to initiate a discussion by posing questions forming our investigation’s basis.

 Encore: New Greek Painting serves as a survey of the field in Greece today, although it is not exhaustive and does not aim to establish a canon. Its purpose is to identify trends and languages in contemporary art and uncover any underlying regularities. Of course, many exceptional painters warrant inclusion, but an exhibition is inherently a closed system that promises expansion. The initial version of this exhibition took place in 2021 in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, with support from the Municipality. The exhibition title recognises precisely this: Every artistic act is followed by a desire for repetition – an encore – to sustain the emotional bond and ongoing apprenticeship.

Participating artists:
Ileana Arnaoutou, Konstantinos Giotis, Niki Goulema, Giorgos Gyzis, Irini
Efstathiou, Anestis Ioannou, Alexia Karavela, Stelios Karamanolis, Andreas
Ragnar Kasapis, Panagiotis Kefalas, Kiki Kolympari, Giorgos Kontis, Karolina
Krasouli, Aristides Lappas, Varvara Liakounakou, Angelos Merghes, Nikos
Moschos, Eleni Bagaki, Anastasia Pavlou, Dimitris Redoumis, David
Sambethai, Katerina Sarra, Nikolas Simantirakis, Giorgos Stamkopoulos,
Sofia Stevi, Antonis Stoantzikis, Anastasis Stratakis, Sasha Streshna, Andrea
Djourovits, Nikos Topalidis, Stella Tsoumatidou, Georgia Fambris, KEZ

Curators: Eleni Koukou, Christoforos Marinos, Theofilos Tramboulis

Opening: Tuesday 27 June
Exhibition duration: June 27 – September 10, 2023
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 - 19:00, Sunday 10:00 - 16:00, Monday closed
Municipal Gallery of Athens
Leonidou & Millerou, Pl. Avdi, Metaxourgio


In the exhibition entitled ''Free Associations'', which consists a representative part of Polly and Christos Kollialis Collection, younger artists interact with significant names. Works from different periods and styles make up a surprising
interesting, anarchic set. As the curatorial intention is to underline the
characteristic of the collection, a deliberate accumulation, like an art collage, was adopted. The
the result is an open exhibition, which prompts the viewer to rely solely on
own recruitment and assessment capacity. An exhibition that aspires to act as
field of observation, free associations, meaning and interpretation of visuals

The partiipating artists are:
Alexandros Avranas, Andreas Angelidakis, Nikos Alexiou, Artemis Alkalai, Angelos
Antonopoulos, Kostis Velonis, Christos Venetis, Zoe Gaitanidou, Apostolos Georgiou,
Steve Giannakos, Paris Giachoustidis, Vasso Gavaise, Vangelis Gokas, George Gyzis, George
Gyparakis, Daniel (Panagopoulos), George Zongolopoulos, Lina Theodorou, Eleni
Theofylaktou, Nikos Kanarelis, Vlasis Kaniaris, Nikos Kessanlis, Peggy Kliafa, Athena
Koumbaroulis, Giorgos Lappas, Panagiotis Loukas, Tasos Mantzavinos, Nikos Moschos,
Irini Bahlitzanaki, Rania Bellou, Venia Behraki, Emmanuel Bitsakis, Apostolos
Delakos, Angelos Papadimitriou, Maria Papadimitriou, Nikos Papadimitriou, Tassos
Pavlopoulos, Angelos Plessas, Artemis Potamianou, Rania Ragou, Ilias Sipsas, Takis
(Vassilakis), Dimitris Tzamouranis, Thanasis Totsikas, Pavlos Tsakonas, Pantelis
Chandris, Chrysa (Vardea), Lampros Psyrrakis, Alexandros Psychoulis, Mandalina Psoma

Curator: Machi Pesmatzoglou
Opening on Thursday, 27.4 at 19:30
Duration: April 27 – May 25, 2023
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Manoli Andronikou 6

‘’Writing and Reading’’ is the title of a series of group exhibitions held at the "Tatiana Dimou" cultural space with the aim of bringing out the origins of the contemporary visual language more clearly.
In the exhibition "Writing and Reading III" the participants are: Panagiotis Vorrias, Elias Kafouros, Nikos Moschos, Elpida Panonidou and Kostas Pappas.
The five artists co-exist together for the first time, having as a cohesive element the presentation of occasionally imaginary landscapes and worlds, the sense of doubt, through visual phenomena, about what is real and what is imaginary. All of this puts the viewer in a permanent process of interaction and search for a personal perception of the images he receives.

The show is curated by Kleomenis Kostopoulos


Exhibition duration: January 28 - March 9, 2023
Tatiana Dimou Artists
24 Tsamadou

Fondazione Orestiadi and Museo delle Trame Mediterranee , like every year, present the works made by the artists in residency and those donated by others to our foundation. The artists-in-residensy for 2022 were Nikos Moschos and Ignazio Cusimano Schifano, whose works were created during their stay at Fondazione Orestiadi and are now part of its collection.

In the exhibition are presented works by Hadel Azeez, Cécile Hummel, Carlo La Monica, Nikos Moschos, Domenico Pellegrino, Ignazio Cusimano Schifano.

Opening: Friday 21 October, 17.00
Exhibition duration: October 21 - January 15, 2023
Fondazione Orestiadi / Museo delle Trame Mediterranee
Baglio Di Stefano
91024 - Gibellina (Tp)



The group exhibition “Photis Kontoglou and his influence on the younger generation” will take place at the B&E Goulandris Foundation from Wednesday, September 21 and will last until December 12.
The exhibition is a tribute to the 100-year anniversary of the national disaster of the uprooting of the Greeks of Asia Minor and is under the auspices of A.E. of the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

The first part of the exhibition focuses on the cultural and intellectual contribution of Fotis Kontoglou in the fields of visual arts and literature of the 20th century.
The second part highlights his influence over the younger generations. Starting with the first among his students, who are the outstanding Nikos Eggonopoulos and Yannis Tsarouhis, but also other distinguished ones such as Moralis, Loukopoulos, Vourloumis, Kopsidis, Papadelis, Hochlidakis and Xynopoulos.
Overall, 39 artists juxtapose their works with works by Photis Kontoglou where all influence, direct and indirect, is evident: 52 lenders, Foundations, organisations and individuals contributed with loans that amount to 135 works. The exhibition is accompanied by the enlightening texts of Professor Dimitris Pavlopoulos and the research PhD historians Spyros Moschonas and Giorgos Mylonas.

Participating artists are Emmanouil Bitsakis, Christos Bokoros, Giorgos Chochlidakis, Nikolaos Choutos, Stefanos Daskalakis, Diamantis Diamantopoulos, Nikos Engonopoulos, Stelios Faitakis, Fikos, Konstantinos Georgakopoulos, Georgios Gliatas, Markos Kampanis, Andreas Kontellis, Photis Kontoglou, Rallis Kopsidis, George Kordis, Alekos Kyrarinis, Alekos Levidis, Klearchos Loukopoulos, Nektarios Mamais, Tassos Mantzavinos, Ioannis Mitrakas, Yannis Moralis, Nikos Moschos, Giannis Papadellis, Spyros Papaloukas, Konstantinos Papamichalopoulos, Kostas Papanikolaou, Spyros Papanikolaou, George Rorris, Edouard Sacaillan, Pavlos Samios, Father Stamatis Skliris, Sotiris Sorogas, Yannis Tsarouchis, Ioannis Vamboulis, Petros Vamboulis, Fotis Varthis, Spyros Vassiliou, Nikos Velmos and Klaus Vrieslander.

The General Director of the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation Mr. Kyriakos Koutsomallis is the curator of the exhibition.


 Exhibition duration: 21.09 - 12.12.2022
Vassilis & Elizas Goulandris Foundation
Temporary Exhibitions Gallery - 1st Basement Floor
Eratosthenous 13

Nikos Moschos will be artist in residency of Fondazione Orestiadi, Gibellina Sicily, in June 2022. During his stay he will deduct a research on local histories in order to create a work for the collection of the Foundation . The collection of the museum includes works by significant artists such as Joseph Beuys, Giorgio De Chirico, Richard Long, Alberto Burri, Renato Guttuso, Markus Lüpertz, Mimmo Paladino and others ( http://www.fondazioneorestiadi.it/arti-contemporanee/ ). During October his work will be part of a group show curated by Francesco Piazza at the Museo delle Trame Mediterranee.

The Orestiadi Foundation is a cultural center operating in the sector of the contemporary arts in Sicily, nationally and internationally. Established in February 1992, with it’s headquarters at the Baglio Di Stefano in Gibellina. Its aim is to collect, safeguard and enhance the heritage of works created in the city by artists and intellectuals from all over the world during its reconstruction in the wake of the 1968 Belice Valley earthquake. The Foundation organizes the Orestiadi di Gibellina, an annual theatre, music, and visual arts festival, alongside performing an ongoing, intensive promotional activity which concetrates chiefly on the arts of the arts of the Mediterranean region. In 1996, the Fondation instituded the Museo delle Trame Mediterranee, which in 2011 was deemed the best museum in Italy for cultural mediation by the International Council of Museums.