Fondazione Orestiadi and Museo delle Trame Mediterranee , like every year, present the works made by the artists in residency and those donated by others to our foundation. The artists-in-residensy for 2022 were Nikos Moschos and Ignazio Cusimano Schifano, whose works were created during their stay at Fondazione Orestiadi and are now part of its collection.

In the exhibition are presented works by Hadel Azeez, Cécile Hummel, Carlo La Monica, Nikos Moschos, Domenico Pellegrino, Ignazio Cusimano Schifano.

Opening: Friday 21 October, 17.00
Exhibition duration: October 21 - January 15, 2023
Fondazione Orestiadi / Museo delle Trame Mediterranee
Baglio Di Stefano
91024 - Gibellina (Tp)