By Giorgos Mitropoulos

He is one of the most promising young Greek artists, who is already known for his comprehensive visual language. Nikos Moschos is now travelling to Barcelona to participate with Alma Art Gallery ( from Trikala ) in SWAB, the International Art Fair  which takes place from 2-5 October.

The new works, that Nikos Moschos is going to present to the Spanish art fair, reflect the progress of the series presented in his two previous shows in 2012 and 2013, which had the title: 'The Marriage of Flesh and Machine'.

These works portray compositions which are built extensively by the crushing of disproportionate human body parts, machines, trees or new buildings.

These elements are sometimes recognizable and sometimes undefined, they become members of a body where cause and effect coexist creating emotionally tensed situations.

The unexpected angles, the distorted forms and semi stylized patterns are obviously originating from expressionism, comics as well as from the deeply rooted Byzantine iconography in Greece. Ancient remains of a glorious past involved with worthless scrap of today emphasize even more the timelessness of his view.